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Range Of Activities

Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of:

Pressurization And Ventilation Systems

For Electrical MCC Room, Thyristor Panel Rooms, Substation Buildings, Load Centers, Control Rooms, Compressor Houses, Blower House, Hydraulic Room, D.G. Set Buildings and Turbine Halls of Cement, Steel, Paper, Chemical, Fertilizer, Textiles, Sugar and other industries.

Humidification And Ventilations Systems

For various departments of textiles industries such as Blow Room, Preparatory, Ring Frame, Open End, Post Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Packing etc.

Evaporative Air Cooling Systems

For Administrative Buildings, Powerhouse, Production Halls, Canteens and allied area of almost all type of industries such as Engineering, Machinery, Rubber, Automobiles, Leather, Power Plant, Foods, Beverages, Hotels, Resorts, etc

Air Conditioning Systems

For Computer Rooms, Control Rooms, Laboratories, Administrative Buildings for almost all type of industries such as Engineering, Cement, Steel, Chemicals, Power, Paper, Pharmaceutical etc

Dust Extraction & Collection Systems

For various processes such as Grinding, Polishing, Buffing, Cutting and Sandblasting, Pulverizing, Packing, Crusher, Transfer Points, Vibratory Screens and Boilers of Automobile, Cement, Ceramic, Steel, Rubber, Rice, Flour and other industries.

Fume Extraction & Scrubbing Systems

For Chrome Plating, Galvanizing, Pickling, Welding and Other Process Tanks for Automobile Steel, Cable, Metal, Rubber, Chemical and other industries.

Mill Motor Ventilation Systems

For AC Motors and DC Motors of Cement, Steel, Cable, Sugar, Paper, Rubber, Chemical and other industries.

Tunnel Ventilation Systems

For long distance tunnels in Cement, Steel, Mining and Power Plants.

Chilled Water Systems

For chilled water requirement of various processes in Cable, Automobile, Rubber, Dairy Plants and other industries.

Hot Air Blowing Systems & Heaters

For Roller Tyre Removal Ceramic Band Heater, Grease Barrel Heater, Air Heater and Water Heater for Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Cement, Steel, Power House and other industries.